![[9ac83-ba9f4f07-18d9-42af-b62b-e28368e2d1ab.jpg.webp]] The brand new Xbox is upon us. In just a few hours, details shall confirmed, rumors dispelled, and a new console war shall begin. Microsoft is late to the show, considering Sony had a press event back in February for the PS4, and Nintendo’s Wii U has been out since November. It seems that arriving this “fashionably” late may be part of their strategy, since [E3](http://www.e3expo.com/) 2013 is only two weeks away. Rumors have been pouring out around Project Durango like a leak in a dam. But that is all they are; Rumors. Will the system require online connectivity? Will the price really be $499, with a subscription model at $299 with a $15 monthly fee? Is the name 720? Infinity? Just plain old Xbox? These rumors and many more hang in the air, hours before the reveal. Now here are a few of my predictions for the Xbox Reveal. 1) We will see the box. There was an immediate uproar on the internet about not seeing the PS4 after it’s event. With E3 two weeks away, I doubt Microsoft will cause the same uproar, especially if some of the more negative rumors are to be true. 2) Microsoft will show off new Forza, but no Halo or Gears. Let’s save the big dogs for E3. 3) Heavy focus on Kinect 2. Microsoft is already pushing the Kinect, it just makes sense for them to push the Kinect 2. Although, I believe the second model will focus more heavily on voice-control. 4) Xbox Live will still cost money. It always has and always will. Those are my few predictions for the next Xbox at the Xbox Reveal event. As of this writing, the event is only two and half hours away. I plan to watch the live stream over on [IGN](http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/08/watch-the-xbox-reveal-event-live-on-ign). Join me and thousands more there or over on the official Xbox [website](http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hub/reveal). I also plan to write up on the new Xbox and comparing it to Sony’s PlayStation 4. So go pop your popcorn, log onto your favorite gaming news site, and let’s watch history.