Since the beginning of March, I have gone dark on news surrounding Naughty Dog’s latest game, [The Last of Us]( Now in just two days (May 31, 2013) The Last of Us demo unlocks itself in God of War: Ascension. I see the opportunity that I have here to be able to write up a preview of the demo and my thoughts of the game. The only issue is that playing the demo would break my “news blackout” on the game. So to solve this tiny problem, I decided to leave it up to you, my readers. Below is a poll asking wether or not I should play and preview the demo for The Last of Us. What do you want me to do? Play and preview? Or stay in the dark until June 18th? Let me know and vote! #### Should I play and preview *The Last of Us* demo? Poll | Option | Result | Totals | | --------------------------------- | ------ | ------- | | Play it! Preview it! Play more! | 56.25% | 9 votes | | Stay in the dark man! Don't play! | 43.75% | 7 votes | ![[1e90e-20130529-160132.jpg.webp]]