Animal Crossing: New Hype

Animal Crossing: New Hype

By Max Roberts

Okay. I just have to get this off my chest. I. Am. SO. Excited. For. Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Whew! That’s better. On June 9, 2013, I am ready to become the mayor of my own town and live there daily.

I found this at work. I still have to wait till Sunday...
I found this at work. I still have to wait till Sunday…

Animal Crossing has always been special to me, but I honestly have only owned one game in the franchise; Animal Crossing: City Folk. I played it as a kid on the GameCube, the DS installment eluded me, and on my eighteenth birthday I bought City Folk. Now, just days before the latest installment hits shelves, I was wondering how I could approach a review for this game. I could play it for a certain time, then review. That method really didn’t click with me. Animal Crossing has always been about community, growing and developing your own while connecting with others. How could I show this in a review?

Simple, blog about your days in New Leaf. So that’s what I am going to do. Rather than post something daily, I am going to summarize each week in my town for the first month the game is out. Items I find, people I meet, and landmarks I build, all posted right here on Go Left Gaming. At the end I will write a proper review, but to share my excitement for this game with you, I present, Animal Crossing Weekly, my personal “newsletter” from my town to yours. I hope you enjoy it. While you wait for each post (every Sunday, after launch), check out Go Left Gaming’s Twitter for updates and photos from my town. Also, if you are getting the game at launch, add me so we can visit each other’s town! My 3DS friend code is on my personal Twitter account here, just DM me yours and we can explore New Leaf together! If you’re curious about why I am so excite for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, check out the game’s official website and read IGN’s review of the game by Audrey Drake! Thanks for reading guys and hope to see you around in my town!

See you in New Leaf!
See you in New Leaf!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Hype

  1. If I had the game, I would totally join you. However, alas, I do not. I hope some of your other readers will take the opportunity to though!

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