I have failed my town this week. (Real) Life hit hard this week. Lots of work to do, both for my employer and Go Left Gaming. [[The Last of Us Review]] took quite a bit of my free time this week. Alongside work, friends, either from out of town or close by, popped in, which I loved. So my town was neglected more than it should have been this week. I had quite a long play session on Tuesday, but the rest of the week was just popping in and watering my flowers or even not getting to the game at all. I’ll summarize my Tuesday and few other pleasant surprises in-game here and I hope that this next week will be MUCH better. The upcoming week is also my last week for these entries. What will follow is my official review of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. If you would like to keep up with my town and its development afterwards, add me on your 3DS! My friend code is 2363-6425-535. Direct message me on Twitter your Friend Code, or leave it in a comment below! Now onto my (shabby) week in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! ### Day One: Loan Shark Tom I played for a an hour or so on Father’s Day. It was definitely a time of celebration in both real life and in my town. Why my town? Cause I payed off my first home loan from Tom Nook! Only to be ensnared again for a larger first floor…Tomorrow the expansion would be built and I finally could place all my furniture I have been hoarding in my drawers. ![[34ad0-loanbndwmwgcaaehqu3-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Two: Game References Galore Late in the evening, I jumped into my game just planning on taking care of the basics. What I ended up doing was discovering (and creating) plenty of game references. I found ol’ Gulliver washed up on my shore again. In our pun filled conversation, he made reference to one of my favorite games of all time, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I immediately screen capped it and tweeted it away! ![[5d0ef-papermariobndxt55ceaapmcb-large.jpg.webp]] Later I bought and ate my fortune cookie. What was inside was a nice surprise. I won the Varia Suit shoes from Metroid Prime! I have been rocking them since. ![[db42a-samusshoesbndx8-pcuaee3n_-large.jpg.webp]] As I said in [[Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Week 1|my post last week]], I designed an Apollo Justice suit and hadn’t changed since. I was digging my lawyer attire. That all changed when I saw a specific accessory in the Able Sister’s shop. That particular item was a Gas Mask. Just coming off beating [[The Last of Us Review|The Last of Us]], I was instantly inspired. I quickly bought the mask and went next door to make another Pro Design. I won’t say how long I worked on my Joel themed shirt, but it was a LONG time. I am quite proud of the shirt and love looking like Joel in my little town. ![[299ea-joelbndyn5mccaafyny-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Three: Long Day Ahead My longest day this week was filled with adventure. I started out claiming my daily fortune cookie and winning nothing. That’s right nothing. Fortune #38 won’t win you squat. ![[09d60-38bndyctdcuaae0jh-large.jpg.webp]] Then Tom Nook told me that 98,000 Bells is pocket change. POCKET CHANGE! ![[4f3d8-changebndyoifcmaauo5v-large.jpg.webp]] It sounds like my day is starting off on the wrong foot. I even fell into a Pitfall Seed…But I would not let slight misfortunes ruin my day! Off to the island! ![[bdfbc-pitfall.jpg.webp]] My friend Landon and I decide to take a mini vacation. Man was it awesome. We did a few tours, even some DANGEROUS FISHING!!! ![[13ae3-dangerousfishingbndzbhzciaaiwdl-large.jpg.webp]] I caught rare beetles and an octopus. That’s right, an octopus. ![[6b599-octopusbndzmzacmaacl4v-large.jpg.webp]] Later that night, a few friends invited me to their town since they had Club LOL. We listened to K.K. Slider “pump up the beats” and ran all around town. ![[c03e4-clublolbndzamacyaa5bsz-large.jpg.webp]] I finished off the night by finishing payment for my town’s campsite! Then I stopped a smelled the roses before bed. Through my gas mask of course. ![[fdf95-rosesbndzliycyaeroe5-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Four: I Didn’t Show Up Sniff. I didn’t even turn on my 3DS today… ### Day Five: Rage Quit the Most Peaceful Game Ever I was running out of time on Thursday so I decided to log in and just take care of my flower field I had been growing since day one of my town. Then I saw it. Some one was moving to World 1 and built their house smack-dab in the middle of my field, killing over half of my flowers. I was done. And that kids, is how you rage quit the most relaxing game known to man. ![[4a98a-neighborbndcrw7caaehckg-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Six: Shop to Mart I popped in on my town before going to see Monster University; which by the way, was top notch Pixar amazingness. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Nookling Junction was closing down for a few days to expand and become T&T Mart! Wooooo more shopping! ![[ced12-ttbndzxsocqaeykxe-large.jpg.webp]] The I found a pink Captain Falcon Helmet. Looks kinda cute on my character, does’t it? ![[ac580-pinkfalconbndacoycmaayqtg-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Seven: No Show Max I didn’t show up. Again. And that was my second week in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While it was lacking from [[Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Week 1|Week One]], it still was a ton of fun. I hope to play much more this week and deliver a satisfying conclusion to my weekly write ups for my town. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to visit my town and add me! Also, why don’t you ego and read what took up most of my free time? Here is my review for Naughty Dog’s [[The Last of Us Review|The Last of Us]]. Check it out! Thanks again and rock on!