I am back baby! I had quite a successful week as mayor of World 1. Accomplished quite a bit of remodeling, new shops popped up, and my house seems to be coming together. This week was a major step-up from [[Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Week 2|last week’s failure]] at my mayor duties. So let’s dive into my last weekly update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf before my official review, which I will post next Sunday. Let’s go! ### Day One: Nature…and Stuff After coming back to my town after a day or two of absence, I realized my town’s first works project was complete; the Campsite! That was the first thing I went to when I powered on my game. To my surprise, someone was camping there! I figured I would have to wait awhile, but no, World 1 is the place to be apparently! I barged into the tent to find a blue deer just chilling, enjoying the earth and nature. He didn’t seem too keen on the idea of moving to World 1, but I was okay with that. I can’t wait to see more campers show up! ![[ca988-camperbobiouwceaaz2gz-large.jpg.webp]] After my trip to the Campsite, I headed to Main Street to see if the T&T Mart was complete. It was! Now the store has extended hours, more items, and, most importantly, two fortune cookies instead of one. I quickly bought both and was rewarded with a Triforce from The Legend of Zelda and a Fire Bar from Super Mario. Those went immediately on display in my house. ![[1ec74-ttttbobi0vncmaeptub-large.jpg.webp]] Then I took on the elephant in the room, as it were. Last week, I told you how I rage quitted the most relaxing game known to man. Today, I tackled the task of relocating my entire flower garden. I emptied my pockets using the envelope method (I just made up that name). All you do is go into your inventory and pulled up all your letters, then drag your unnecessary tools to the letters as gifts, that way your pockets are empty, but you will still have your tools with you. That trick comes quite in handy when you need a little extra room. So I “emptied” my pockets and collected all my flowers. I cleared a plot of land in the left corner of my town and started planting. Looks good doesn’t it? And I’ll have you know, no one has killed my flowers. Yet. ![[7df75-flowersbobjcihciaapdbn-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Two: Clubs, Islands, and Stars (Oh the Places You Will Go) This was probably my longest day in my town this week. It started off with a surprise visit from Animal Crossing veteran Dr. Shrunk! What’s he doing in my town? He wants to open a night club on Main Street of course! The one and only Club LOL! ![[dea7e-clublolbobju4xcqaadapp-large.jpg.webp]] But to get the building permit he needed six signatures from the towns people and he wanted me to gather all of them. Not a problem for the mayor of World 1. Quickly, I got all six and took the form to Dr. Shrunk and I haven’t seen him since… ![[37de8-sigsbobkq9icuaajoj7-large.jpg.webp]] Then I started running my errands. First up was snagging my fortune cookies. I won…nothing. Let me clarify, I won special items, except I already had them. I won Minda’s Mask and a Goal Pole. If you would like them, just send me a direct message on my [Twitter](https://twitter.com/GoLeftGaming). Following that tiny bit of disappointment, I took a mini vacation and headed to the Tropical Island all by my lonesome. I just felt like swimming, diving, and catching some exotic beetles. And that is exactly what I did. When I filled up my pockets and was satisfied with my trip, I headed back home to World 1 where I stumbled on my fortune. ![[1fdcb-grapesbobks1mcaaa4qtr-large.jpg.webp]] I crossed the town’s square and noticed a tent built. Curious, I poked my head inside and discovered that it was another Animal Crossing veteran, the fortune telling Katrina! For 500 bells she will read your fortune and give you some advice for some in-game good luck. This is my favorite piece of advice she gave me. ![[8e3ef-fortunebobk80dcqaehcwh-large.jpg.webp]] Then I headed off to pay off my loan. Bam! Second loan all paid off and done. You know what that means…Let’s dive right back into Tom Nook’s snare of debt! Third home expansion, here I come! ![[9cf75-nookboblkklceaevc9a-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Three: Bigger House and Still No Room A shorter day in World 1 started with my fortune cookie shopping spree. Don’t get too excited, you could probably guess what I got. That’s right! Minda’s Mask! Again! Followed up by the wallpaper “Mushroom Mural”, another item I already had. This is just not my week for Nintendo collectibles. On a more positive note, my home expansion was done! I now have the largest first floor room you can have! And still don’t have enough room for all my stuff. I decided to stick with a Mario themed room for now. I finally am starting to feel like my room is coming together. It’s a pretty satisfying feeling. ![[67ab4-expandboblzrecmaagf7b-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Four: Check Out My Sick Kicks Okay, today I was a bit more like an evil overlord than a peaceful mayor. Let me explain. I bumped into my cat neighbor, Kabuki. He was crossing the bridge to the other side of town and I had a Pitfall seed. So I dug holes on all sides, tapping Kabuki on the bridge. Then I buried my Pitfall seed at one point. Kabuki had only one option. He walked over my trap and it was glorious. I couldn’t help but let out a maniacal laugh. ![[ee7e3-pitfallboblzdmcqaa5njv-large.jpg.webp]] After my bit of fun, I headed to Main Street to window shop. Earlier in the week a new shop was under construction. Today the shop opened up and its name is Kicks. Owned by none other than the skunk Kicks. The aptly named shoe store rocks all sorts of socks and shoes for customers. I decided to wait for some brown boots to complete my Joel (from [[The Last of Us Review|The Last of Us]]) outfit. ![[a2fe3-kicksbobl-r3ciaemuet-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Five: Goal Poles and the Sea I told you that this was not my week for Nintendo themed items. I won another Goal Pole and then my second ticket was not even a winner! I was getting pretty upset at my luck. Fortunately, my friend had both Fi’s Mask and Majora’s Mask and he didn’t want them. I quickly traded a Goal Pole and 4,000 Bells for the two Zelda themed masks. Another guest in my town was infamous con-artist Redd! He was selling some “priceless” art. I did need some art for my museum, so I bought the famous The Great Wave by Hokusai. Redd said he would ship the painting to me tomorrow and thanked me for my purchase. Off to the island with my friend! ![[b0f86-reddbobmnolcyaaxux0-large.jpg.webp]] My second trip to the island this week was a doozy. Picking coconuts and catching fish. I caught a giant isopod. My character and I actually shared the same response when he pulled it out of the depths… ![[edde6-fishbobmxuacaaad8fr-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Six: Eight Hour Shift and Monsters Good ol’ Saturday; a time to relax, sleep in, maybe accomplish a project or two. Or you could work from 6 A.M. to 2 P.M. Whatever floats your boat; and the eight hour shift floated my employer’s boat. After listening to the podcasts Show Me Your News and Podcast BEYOND and watching Dragon Ball Z on my lunch break, my shift was over. Right after, I bolted to the movies to see Monsters University. Again. I absolutely love Pixar films so this is pretty typical for me. Once home, Mythbusters and The Last Of Us took the rest of my day. Now I know what you’re asking, “What about Animal Crossing Max?” Unfortunately, I ran basic errands before I hit the sack. Picked up my fortune cookies, a Block Floor (I already had that!) and Hero’s Clothes (Finally! Something new!). Then I donated my wave painting to Blathers and saved my game. ![[70475-artbobni49ciaaock6-large.jpg.webp]] ### Day Seven: Well That Would Be Today… According to the way I wrote this article, Day Seven would be today (June 30, 2013). So what have I done today? I bought some Turnips for 93 Bells apiece. Won a 1-Up Mushroom and Peach’s Parasol (BOTH NEW ITEMS, MY LUCK IS TURNING)! And bought a Flat Screen TV. Now my pad is “pimping”, as the kid’s say these days. And as Porky the Pig would say, “That’s all folks!” ![[4cee7-tvbobnwimciaeb2qq-large.jpg.webp]] Not really, I have a bit more to talk about. While my third week in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is over, my time with the game is not. Next Sunday I am posting my official review for the game. I also have to other articles in mind. One involving Kingdom Hearts 3 and the other is top secret. Hopefully, you will get to read those very soon. Lastly, I wanted to say thanks for sticking with me these past three weeks in my town. If you missed weeks one or two I’ll attach links below. –[[Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Week 1]] –[[Animal Crossing - New Leaf - Week 2]] I’ll see you all next week with my review!