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Television is evolving. With cable becoming a dying fad, the ability to stream video from computers or internet services has really changed the industry. Companies like Netflix are even making enough revenue to produce their own original content. In response to this streaming boom, companies have created small, box shaped devices that combine all these streaming services into one, smooth, user friendly experience. Honorable mentions are Apple TV, a small black box packing all your streaming needs and then some, and the Roku, a powerful multimedia streaming tool. Today, I am here to introduce the newest streaming tech on the block, the Google Chromecast.

Dollop of fairy dust not included
Dollop of fairy dust not included

Announced on Wednesday, July 24, the Google Chromecast hit the internet and spread like wildfire. Slightly larger than a USB flash drive, the Chromecast plugs directly into your television’s HDMI port. From there  a simple to follow set up will connect your Chromecast to your wireless network. Once connected, all you have to do is select your YouTube video or Netflix choice and hit “Cast.” The entire process is so simple, it may boggle your mind. You can stream from any device in your home, ranging from smart phones to computers.

Any device, all sorts of media, no box
Any device, all sorts of media, no box

While playing around with the new Google Chromecast, I discovered the ability to stream much more than my Netflix. If you are using a computer for streaming, the built in “Chromecast Extension” will actually allow you stream individual tabs in Google Chrome, or even your entire screen.  While screen casting is in beta, it is impressive and hopefully will become even better if Google added second screen support, effectively making you television a second monitor. The little thumb stick sized device is deceivingly powerful.

More support incoming for Google's latest toy
More support incoming for Google’s latest toy

“What’s the catch?,” is probably what most of you are asking yourselves. The answer; nothing. The Google Chromecast will only set you back $35. That’s right, $35. It sold out on day one, and along with it was the special Netflix promotion, which gave early adopters three months free, new or current member. My recommendation is to purchase it on Amazon, since you’ll get free shipping. While it is still currently sold out, keep your eye on it here on Amazon.

One day it'll be back, just like The Legend of Korra
One day it’ll be back, just like The Legend of Korra

The Google Chromecast is a game changer for sure. Under cutting market competition significantly, and packing some top notch features, it will be hard for any media junkie to pass up this device. With plans for new media support inbound, the Chromecast seems to have a promising future. It definitely the best streaming tool on the market…when it’s in stock.

Here is my unboxing and set up video for the Google Chromecast. In the video I show you size comparisons and walk you through the easy set up for the Chromecast. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on Google’s latest toy? Will you be purchasing one or sticking with the devices you already have? Is Chromecast really worth it to you? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Very informative blog. Really appreciate your video “tutorial” — super-helpful for any of us who appreciate having a visual illustration to supplement what we’re reading. I read on another site a few criticisms of the device’s so-called shortcomings. They seemed to be overlooking the obvious — which is, Chromecast’s major “why not?” factor. Meaning, why NOT use it — it’s easy to set up, easy to use, portable to the extreme, versatile across platforms, and (best of all) cheap. I like “cheap.” For $35, I’d give it a shot. Thanks for giving us a close-up look at it.

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