Bioshock Infinite DLC Reveal

It is a wonderful morning. It’s the tail end of summer, not a cloud in the sky nor a care in the world.

Wait, Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, said the Infinite downloadable content (DLC) would be revealed? When? July 30? What time? 8? AM?

As soon as Ken’s tweet went live, my alarm was set.

It IS a good day!
It IS a good day!

Irrational Games has officially announced Bioshock Infinite’s DLC, some of which goes live today. Let’s see what Ken’s been cooking up for us.

The first of three pieces of DLC takes players back to Columbia to take on some of the game’s toughest opponents, for a Clash in the Clouds.

Get ready for trouble
Get ready for trouble

This challenge based content features four new areas in Columbia for these epic battles to take place. Booker will fight his way through Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome, Emporia Arcade, and The Ops Zeal.

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Each challenge map boasts fifteen waves of enemies. Within each wave is a different Blue Ribbon Challenge, designed to create diverse gameplay and be especially difficult to achieve.

Will you earn all the Blue Ribbons?
Will you earn all the Blue Ribbons?

Another feature in the Clash in the Clouds DLC is the Columbia Archaelogical Society, an in-game museum with exclusive content. Players will see concept art, in-game models of characters, and even have access to new Voxohpones, to enrich their knowledge of Columbia.

Columbia Archaelogical Society. Fancy.
Columbia Archaelogical Society. Fancy.

Clash in the Clouds is included in the Season Pass or costs $4.99 for those with out the pass. It goes live today (July 30, 2013). Watch the trailer below-

Download it now!
Download it now!

Now to the meat of the DLC announcement.

There she is lads. Elizabeth.
There she is lads. Elizabeth.

The final two pieces of Bioshock Infinite’s DLC won’t be taking players back to Columbia. Instead, Booker and Elizabeth are going down into the depths of the ocean to visit Rapture. The date is December 31, 1958, the eve of Rapture’s downfall. Titled Burial at Sea, this episodic DLC will have players taking control of Booker once again, for the first portion. For the final piece of DLC, players will take control of this new, noire, “Veronica Lake” styled Elizabeth. Ken Levine says that playing as Elizabeth should feel different, very different. The game even changes to a more survival horror feel when you play as Elizabeth, according to Levine.

Journey down to Rapture one last time
Journey down to Rapture one last time

It truly is exciting to see this Rapture themed DLC for Infinite. This will finally let fans see how Rapture fell away from a utopia to a wasteland. From the trailer (below), Rapture looks beautiful and alive, not very different from Columbia in her prime. Colors are rich, the water tosses the light around in a stunning way, and the Little Sisters look scarier than ever.

We're watching you mister
We’re watching you mister

Irrational says that Burial at Sea will be coming soon. In an interview with IGN, Ken Levine said “We’re almost in beta on part one of the Rapture one.” Hopefully this means Season Pass holders will journey back to Rapture in the not-to-distant future. For folks without the Season Pass, the Burial at Sea DLC will cost $14.99 per episode. The Season Pass itself cost $19.99, if you are interested in purchasing that, click here (GameStop was the only site I found with all three platforms, if you prefer Amazon or Irrational’s own site, just click here  or here)


Watch the Burial at Sea trailer now-

It's like Christmas in July!
It’s like Christmas in July!

What do you think of Bioshock Infinite’s DLC? Are you as excited as I am? Sound off your thoughts in comments section below! To keep up with more news on Infinite’s DLC just remember to Go Left.

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