The Game Boys- Official Podcast- Episode 001

Hello! Have you been curious as to what I have been working on? Well let your curiosity be put to rest! I have been wrangling (I’ve always wanted to use that word!) up a gang to create an original podcast for Go Left Gaming. The result?

The Game Boys! The Game Boys!

The Game Boys will be a bi-weekly podcast the releases on Mondays! We will discuss the gaming news that matters most to you! Along with a few shenanigans, you just can’t go wrong with our show! The Game Boys will be in both audio and video format. For the video version, check out Go Left Gaming’s YouTube page! The  audio version of the show will be on iTunes to make listening to our show as easy as possible for you! We also will take listener/viewer questions, which you can send in by any of the methods on our Contact page. We hope you enjoy the show and always remember to Go Left!


Episode 001: Machetes, Maps, and Mewtwos! Oh My!– News Stories


PlayStation Vita redesign-

PlayStation vita TV announced! Pre TGS!-

Princess Peach confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS-

Grand Theft Auto V’s map impresses-

Mega Mewtwo X confirmed! Tons of Pokemon news-

Game developers claim PS4 is 50% faster than Xbox One-


Next Gen and what it means- Reference- Vlog 003: Next-Gen Discussion

What makes it next gen for you? Graphics? Size? Systems?

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