Contest Rules for Left Behind Live Stream and Giveaway

Here are the official rules for the Giveaway!

Throughout the Live Stream I will ask trivia questions about The Last Of Us! The first person to answer by tweeting @GoLeftGaming will win the prize. The first question will be for the third place prize and so on. The trivia may be about any part of The Last Of Us!! From the game itself to the development process! So brush up on your Naughty Dog knowledge! As a refresher, here are the 3 prizes-

Prize 1) The entire American Dreams prequel comic series (4 issues in total, digitally)

Prize 2) The Left Behind DLC

and the grand prize-

Prize 3) The Last Of Us season pass (which includes Left Behind, all the multiplayer DLC, and the documentary) AND the American Dreams prequel comic series

How the questions will be asked-

As I mentioned before, the questions will be trivia based on The Last Of Us and Left Behind. The trivia will be hard!!! All the answers are widely and freely available though. I will ask the questions on the Live Stream with a heads up and mention what prize is associated with that question. I will also Tweet out the question! You may either tweet @GoLeftGaming or reply to the tweet with your answer!

Rules for contestants- Only one answer per person per question! You must have The Last Of Us to win the DLC. One prize per person. How I will verify this- you must add me on PSN (mudkip143) and I will check your trophy list to see if you have completed the game. Thanks in advance for tuning in and GOOD LUCK!


17 thoughts on “Contest Rules for Left Behind Live Stream and Giveaway

  1. Yes! First person to answer the question correctly will win the prize. Each person is only allowed one prize ex. You may not answer the first question and win and then win the other questions.

  2. If someone did “win” two or three prizes, would they be able to say which one they wanted and which they wanted to give to the runner up?

  3. No. The prizes will be a first come, first serve basis. If someone did “win” two, they would receive the prize for the first question they answered. The person that answered second on the other prize would therefore win.

  4. I must admit that that worries me slightly – do you expect the contestant count to vary wildly between question 1 and 3?
    PS. I assume you’d tweet the questions via @GoLeftGaming and not your own twitter? Thanks for answering!

  5. Great!
    PS. Do you know for sure whether you’ll be able to tweet the questions? Sorry for being a pest.

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