![[c26f1-lok_logo_1403784903.jpg.webp]] It’s 1:00 AM in the morning and I have finished the series finale of The Legend of Korra. I am having a tough time putting words to how I feel at the moment. When Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, I never imagined I would get to revisit that world again. The world created my Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko always was and is real to me. It was filled with people I have grew to care for and stories that I cherished. In 2010, when The Legend of Korra was officially announced, I eagerly awaited my return to the four nations. I kept constant tabs on the series. I studied the first piece of concept art regularly. I even gave a speech in a public speaking class on Avatar and it’s world. In 2012, Michael and Bryan finally invited me back to that very special world. ![[19b1c-legendofkorra_press25c193f.jpg.webp]] Korra’s first season was tight-knit and action packed. Korra herself was created as a yang to the yin that was Aang. She was, and is, a powerful, determined, courageous character. Her struggle with Amon fresh and more mature than Aang’s journey. I will always remember hijacking my cousins laptop to download the finale and cheering on Korra, with tears in my eyes, as she bended air for the first time. The first season was a triumph. Seasons two and three were equally rich and unique. Korra faced real, terrifying danger. The show grew with it’s audience from Aang’s days. The creative team handled it with care because they do care. These characters have to be as real to them as they are to me. I kept tweeting that Korra got better and better every week. And it did. With the fourth season airing so soon after season three’s finale, I was both ecstatic and heavy hearted. This would be Korra’s last journey: And it would be mine too. I didn’t know if I was ready to leave the four nations again. Episode two of season four, “Korra Alone,” was perfect. Very few episodes of anything would I consider perfect, the episode “The Guru” from The Last Airbender is one of them. Korra’s true enemy in the final season wasn’t so much Kuvira stomping around, but Korra herself. She struggled with letting the events of her life go. I was struggling to let this world go. Over the course of the remaining eleven episodes, Korra grew stronger and faced her demons. I didn’t have demons to face, but I had something to lose and there was a timer on it. Now, Korra and I arrived at the finale. I won’t summarize or spoil any of that epic goodness. What I will say is, at the end of the episode I was okay. I was happy I got one last ride on an air bison, one last bending battle, one last Avatar State power-up. It meant the four nations to me. Just like The Last Airbender, I will watch The Legend of Korra way too many times. I will get choked up at the same parts. I will cheer and curse and be comforted by the same scenes. After I wiped my eyes with tear-bending one last time, I decided to write this. I wanted to thank Michael and Bryan and the whole Team Avatar for the countless hours of work, love, and passion poured in this world. I wanted to thank my family and friends for either tolerating my marathons or joining me in them. I want to thank my girlfriend Abigail for watching The Last Airbender with me, even though she didn’t memorize the introduction. I want to thank the Fire Nation for deciding to attack, because if they didn’t everything wouldn’t have changed. Lastly, I want to thank Aang, Katara, Sokka, Korra, Mako, and Bolin for taking me in their homes, their lives, and their hearts. I know they will always be in mine. ![[a22d8-20130624160702.png.webp]]