Let me tell you, the OG Legend of Zelda is HARD! It also is so SATISFYING! From starting the game last week, I have died more times than in any Zelda game I have ever played before. All before the first dungeon. It’s direction in subtle: totally open for you to explore. I wandered and fought my way to the fifth dungeon in the game, before finding anything else. I couldn’t solve the puzzle or beat the enemies so I had to leave, swearing I would return to conquer it. Then I died. And died. And died. I nearly busted out paper and pen to make a map so I could create a makeshift guide for Link. Then I downloaded this- ![[00789-img_3620.png.webp]] I’M SORRY! The original game was thought to be too difficult by Nintendo so they threw in a map with the cartridge! I figured I should have a map too. I use it to guide myself through the over world. This has not made the game easier. I am learning about the game and its design. It marvels me that this game fit and SAVED on a NES cartridge. It has wonderful music and dungeon design. It is easy to see how this game inspired the latest Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds. The eShop version even suffers slow down like the original game should have on the NES. I finally found the first dungeon and slashed my way through it’s dark corridors. I found a bow, but no arrows. What? No arrows? What. Da. Heck. Turned out I had to buy them from a merchant for 80 rupees. Sneaky Nintendo. I found that merchant on the other side of the over world and bought those arrows. I finally made it to the to the boss in the dungeon, which was a DRAGON! I don’t recall dragons in Zelda games, but alright! I slaughtered the beast and claimed my prize— a piece of the Triforce. ![[85904-img_3622-e1422030879426.jpg.webp]] Next, I went to dominate the second dungeon where I would face a familiar Zelda foe—Dodongo. Of course the giant dino-monster dislikes smoke. Armed with a few bombs I picked up (no bomb bag required!) I took care of Dodongo in a flash. With 5 heart containers, I feel pretty invincible. Expect, I keep dying. And dying. And dying. But alas! There is hope. I am slowly learning enemy patterns and becoming familiar with the immediate over world next to the one spawn point. My skills with enemies are improving. D-pad navigation is slick. I will beat this game. Now on to the third dungeon! Keep an eye out for my next summary post on my Legend of Zelda journey, next Friday! *Not sure what in the world I am talking about? Check out my Legend of Zelda themed gaming resolution [here](https://maxfrequency.net/2015/01/21/760/)! Make sure to follow along here on Go Left Gaming to keep up with my quest to save Hyrule 8 times!*