Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

The first two episodes of Millennial Gaming Speak are lost to time. I deleted my half of the audio to free up SSD space. It’s a real shame that these have been lost. In my effort to manually archive all my writing and work online, I decided to incorporate the show notes doc we wrote for these episodes. From there, I decided to publish the show notes so there is at least a record about what we discussed. Maybe some day I’ll magically find the audio…

Intro/Welcome to MGS

  • Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, dogs and cats, turtles and squirrels!! And welcome to episode 1 of Millennial Gaming Speak!! I am one of your hosts Logan Moore and coming to me live all the way from Florida is Max Roberts.
  • Talk about ourselves, the podcast, what we will be discussing, etc. Keep it loose.

Stupid News/Releases Segment

Play and Report

  • Figure out which game we want to play and then discuss on next week’s show.

Topics Segment

  • Logan’s Topic — Vita or 3DS?
  • Max’s Topic — Resogun DLC


  • If you somehow manage to be listening, email us at
  • Drop some twitter handles: @MooreMan12 & @MaxTheWhite
  • See ya next week!