%%Google Doc Link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s7p_V3z24G3jUJqIKuILIXrO1DWP_8_9d8YK4ImUlqg/edit?usp=sharing%% The first two episodes of Millennial Gaming Speak are lost to time. I deleted my half of the audio to free up SSD space. It’s a real shame that these have been lost. In my effort to manually archive all my writing and work online, I decided to incorporate the show notes doc we wrote for these episodes. From there, I decided to publish the show notes so there is at least a record about what we discussed. Maybe some day I’ll magically find the audio… --- ## Intro/Welcome to MGS - Hey what’s up blah blah blah and all that other good stuff. Just chat for a few minutes before diving into the segments. ## Stupid News - RIP Mr. Spock - Keep this short, but let’s at least mention it. - Update: Gold Amiibo now available for preorder. - Again, let’s keep this short. - Hey hey hey, the new Arkham game is rated M. - We can talk about this a bit longer if we want. I enjoy talking about this series. - Hotline Miami 2 has a release date. About dang time. - Max, you can go on a rant about this if you would so like. - BREAKING NEWS: HTC develops new VR headset in collaboration with Valve. Device is called the Vive. - Device will be released this holiday. - HTC will also be developing controllers to be used in collaboration with the headset. - How does this affect the VR market? Oculus and Morpheus. - What do we think of VR? - Why is Valve involved? - http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/03/01/htc-partners-with-valve-for-steam-vr-powered-vr-headset-vive.aspx ## Play and Report - Discuss our thoughts on a Link to the Past. Talk about how much we played, what we thought about it, does it still hold up 24 years later, and if we will continue to play it in our free time. - Decide what game we will be discussing on next week’s episode. - Mega Man 2 ## Topics Segment - Logan’s Topic --- Bloodborne and the Souls’ Series - Max’s Topic --- Uncharted 4 tweet ## Closing - Email us at [email protected]. - Drop some twitter handles: @MooreMan12 & @MaxTheWhite - Maybe get a MGS twitter account??? - See ya next week!