Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 5: Nintendo News and Kojima Confusion

Episode 5: Nintendo News and Kojima Confusion Millennial Gaming Speak


Show Notes

  • Update: Battlefront gameplay confirmed to be shown next month at Star Wars celebration
  • Kojima craziness
    • Name removed from many marketing ads for MGS5.
    • Announced that he will be leaving the studio after MGS5 is shipped.
    • Power struggle was the cause of Hideo’s departure.
    • What will he do after MGS5?
    • Konami says they already plan on making more Metal gear games and have even begun hiring for the next MGS game. What will life without Kojima be like?
    • Is there something darker happening behind the scenes?
  • Nintendo Reveals new console info
    • Codenamed the ‘NX’
    • What will the console be like?
    • When will it ship?
    • When will we first see it revealed?
    • Nintendo FINALLY announces that they will be working to bring games to mobile devices
    • What kind of games will we see?
    • How will it affect the 3DS market?
Play and Report
  • Super Metroid
  • Decide what game we will be discussing on next week’s episode.
  • Logan’s Topic — Sports games. Do you play em?
  • Max’s Topic — Final Fantasy 15