Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 33: Reminiscing About Couch Co-Op

Episode 33: Reminiscing About Couch Co-Op Millennial Gaming Speak


After an exciting and copyright infringed opening, Max, Logan and special guest this week Michael Jordan, talk about both Super Smash Bros and Star Wars Battlefront‘s upcoming DLC. In their Topical Topics segment, they think back on their fondest memories with local co-op/multiplayer games and discuss some of their favorite RPGs.

Lastly, the audio is a little bit off this week so please excuse our mistakes. Max’s audio drops out for a few minutes during our Bethesda discussion so now you’ll know why he isn’t speaking.

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Intro and Outro song is “OHC3” by Kris Keyser

Break song is “Chrono’s Theme” from “Chrono Trigger” by Yasunori Mitsuda