Announcing a New Project

I am launching a new project. This project is a long form interview show with a variety of people throughout the video game industry; whether they be a gaming journalist, game designer, or an industry personality.

The first episode airs this Monday, January 30,2017 at 12:00 PM EST on my YouTube channel. A companion post with the interview will go live here on Go Left Gaming.

As for my first guest, they will be revealed when the interview goes live on Monday. Here is a teaser image I cooked up. Can you figure out who I interview on the pilot episode?


It doesn’t have a name at this time, but I am not letting that completely halt production. I am hoping to make this a monthly project. I have already begun researching a few more potential guests for the upcoming months.

This is an idea I have had for quite sometime. I have always pushed it off for various excuses. One time it may have been a lack of proper software. Other times the excuse may have been fear of rejection or inadequacy.

No longer though.

With nearly 75 episodes of Millennial Gaming Speak under my belt, professional equipment, and software I finally decided to put wheels in motion.

I am making this show for a few reasons. Right off the bat, the folks I want to talk to all factor into the video game industry in some facet. It’s a big ol’ gaming world out there with console wars, indie games, LAN parties, and much more. Whether we rocked out in Rock Band or we threw red turtle shells before our frenemy crossed the finish line in Mario Kart, video games have probably touched our lives in some capacity. There is even room for Kanye West.

These are the stories of the people that make different parts of this gaming world go ‘round. At least, I hope it will be.

This type of project also falls under my goal I’ve had this entire time of having started Go Left Gaming.

“I want to use Go Left Gaming as a launchpad to improve on my writing skills, receive constructive criticism, and to share my love of the gaming with the world.”

I should probably adjust “writing skills” to “journalism skills” now, but the heart is the same. Interviews are a part of the job. They can be enlightening and exciting. I’m hoping the old adage “practice makes perfect” comes true and that I become a better interviewer and journalist for it.

The fire beneath my feet for this project is my desire to share with others. I want to share my passion with the world. I believe hearing directly from the folks that contribute so much to my enjoyment of video games is a stellar way to share that passion.

To wrap this announcement up, here are the highlights.

  • New project debuts on January 30, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST.
  • Tune in on my YouTube channel or on the blog to listen in.
  • Kanye West is making a video game.
  • It is an hour long interview.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I hope you all give it a listen. I cannot wait to share it with you.

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