Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 90: PC Games We Want to See on Consoles

Episode 90: PC Games We Want to See on Consoles Millennial Gaming Speak


This week we talk about Call of Duty returning to World War II, the early sales figures for the Switch, and the increasing profit of digital games. In our topics, we talk more about PSVR and brainstorm what PC exclusive games we’d like to see come to consoles.

Intro- 0:00-4:45

What are we playing- 4:45–29:57

CoD WWII-29:57-38:05
Brian Made a Game- 38:05-41:02
Switch Sales-41:02-48:48
Digital Sales-48:48-55:34

Break 56:00-56:30


PC games we want on console- 56:30-1:09:50

State of PSVR- 1:09:50-1:24:00

Close- 1:24:00-1:28:30

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Intro and Outro song is “OHC3” by Kris Keyser

Break song is “Life Will Change (Instrumental)” by Shoji Meguro from “Persona 5.”