Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 112: Cuphead is Magical

Episode 112: Cuphead is Magical Millennial Gaming Speak


Cuphead is here and it is an absolute treat to play and see in motion. Join the boys as they discuss the 1930’s inspired game, along with Logan’s hands on impressions of Assassin’s Creed Origins!

Intro- 0:00-8:57
What we are playing- 8:57-
Assassin’s Creed Origins– 8:57-44:03
Cuphead– 44:03-01:00:26

Break- 01:00:26-01:00:56

Red Dead– 01:00:56-01:11:22
Stardew– 01:11:22-01:13:55
PSVR Slight Revision- 01:13:55-01:23:47
Andy House-01:23:47-01:37:01

Closing- 01:37:01:01:40:35

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Intro and Outro song is “OHC3” by Kris Keyser

Break song is “Die House“ by Kristofer Maddigan from “Cuphead.”