Vacation Simulator is the Most Immersive VR Game I’ve Ever Played

One goal I had this weekend at PAX East was to make my wife jealous by playing her most anticipated game this year—Vacation Simulator. She is a huge fan of Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator and begged me for months to buy it on PSVR. She’d just play the demo on the PSVR demo disc until I finally snagged it during a sale. She played it for well over an hour on the first day, which is a big commitment for both VR and her.

I got to complete that goal thanks to the Oculus booth and the fine folks at Owlchemy Labs. As someone who as played my fair share of VR, I was not prepared for just how wonderfully immersive Vacation Simulator was. It wasn’t just because of the shiny, new Oculus Rift S headset I was playing on. Vacation Simulator is shaping up to be one of the most immersive VR games ever. Owlchemy Labs has kept the goofy robot futuristic humor, but given players unparalleled choice in a way I’ve never experienced in VR.

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