Afterparty Makes FOMO and Alcohol its Strongest Mechanics

I see a lot of game announcements, pitches, and ideas come across my Twitter feed. Some are hits, some miss the mark of my personal interest, and others just stick with me. Some are so unique in their presence that I kinda have to pay attention and keep the game on my radar until they are in my hands. When Afterparty, Night School Studio’s follow up to Oxenfree, was announced in December 2017 under the core premise of out-drinking Satan, I knew I had to keep both eyes out for this one.

I had the opportunity to play a 30-minute chunk of the game during PAX East 2019. Dual protagonists Lola and Milo seemed to be recent additions to the population of Hell. I/we walked to a local bar in Nowhere to party. Our sassy demon guide, Sam Hill, teased a possible way to escape Hell and return to Earth—alive—before ditching us to attend a private party upstairs.

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