What The Golf? Makes Mini Golf Fun With its Insane Mash-ups

I’ve always had a thing for mini golf: Both the real deal and video games. I think it’s all because my older cousin Jake showed my brother and I this online flash putt-putt game based off Live Savers candy. We were obsessed. I’ve been a sucker for mini golf style games ever since. I actually have a couple on my phone right now.

I’m also rather picky about my golf games. I’m not into hardcore simulation and accuracy. I want something that’s fun and packed with memorable courses, trick shots, puzzles, and a lighter tone. Mario Golf games are about as hardcore as I get. From the moment that I saw the announcement and Fig campaign for What The Golf? early last year, I was immediately sold on the game. Developer Triband is taking the over-the-top charm of mini-golf courses and mashing it with video game references, puns, and cheeky mechanics.

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