I love predictions. They are an annual highlight for me before E3 every summer and amp up Apple event hype whenever those come around. There is a rush in nailing a prediction, gut-busting humor in the wild ones, and fan-created disappointment when big corporations don’t do what is thought to be obvious. In the past, [I’ve tweeted out predictions](https://twitter.com/MaxRoberts143/status/1138150092463136769?s=20) or [[Millennial Gaming Speak – Episode 96 - The E3 2017 Prediction Special|recorded them on podcasts]]. I usually keep a list in the Notes app on my phone. As some Apple 2020 prediction podcasts episodes hit my head this week, I had the idea to share my video game predictions for the record. Then I can look back in 2021 to see how wrong I was. I’ll write out three predictions for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox for the year of 2020. I will likely do the same for E3 2020 with predictions focused on the event itself. It will be an exciting year with new consoles coming out from both PlayStation and Xbox. Heck, [a new Switch is rumored too](https://www.polygon.com/nintendo-switch/2020/1/6/21051666/new-nintendo-switch-model-2020-release-date). Here are my predictions for the three major platform holders for the year. ### Nintendo 1. The next 3D Mario game is revealed and released in 2020. 2. Switch revision with more power is announced. Switch lifetime sales will surpass 70 million units. 3. The next Mario Kart game announced. ### PlayStation 1. PS5 will be fully revealed in a [Wired article](https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-playstation-5/) with a press event around E3 that reveals price and date. Backward compatible with all systems, including PS3 and Vita.  2. Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will be launch window title for PS5. 3. PS VR 2 will be mentioned by Sony. ### Xbox 1. Series X will be the only “next-gen” Xbox available this holiday shopping season. 2. While Halo Infinite will be a lunch title, it will have some differentiating feature from the Xbox One edition of the game, despite being cross-generational. 3. The Initiative’s first game will be revealed. A few final thoughts and comments for my predictions. I modeled the format after [Connected](https://www.relay.fm/connected) and their “Rickies,” specifically no half points and everything written done has to come true for it to count. I think that keeps my hype in check. But to let some of that hype loose, I’ll mirror my friend [Peter Spezia](https://twitter.com/petespeakeasy) and his tradition of an outlandish prediction he dubs “Kiefer” predictions (referring to the announcement that [Kiefer Sutherland would voice the legendary solider Snake in Metal Gear Solid V](https://www.polygon.com/2013/6/6/4402766/metal-gear-solid-5-snake-big-boss-voice-actor-revealed)). And because Nintendo announcements excite me the most… > [!kiefer] Kiefer Prediction: > The next 3D Mario game will be Super Mario Odyssey 2 and will launch this summer, while Nintendo’s big fall game will be the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This is most assuredly wrong, but if it isn’t, you read it here first. Here’s to 2020!