[Reflecting on Leadership, Pizza, Video Games, and “My Body is Ready” | Reggie Fils-Aimé — Present Value Podcast:](https://overcast.fm/+LF0zFDc0g) I’ve had this podcast queued up for a couple weeks and just now got to it. As someone who has been aware of and following Reggie as the President of Nintendo NA since the Wii days, it is uniquely refreshing to hear him talk with a focus on leadership: Even when his examples come from his time at Nintendo.  I enjoyed hearing about the business decision to pack-in _Wii Sports_ with each Wii system. There was great discussion about failing forward with examples not only from Reggie’s time at Nintendo, but at Pizza Hut too. My favorite discussion point though, was the importance of a brand and how a product can damage the brand, despite it being a financial hit on paper. The episode is a rather insightful look at the leader behind the Directs and memes. Reggie has always been a force within the video game industry. I think it is safe to say that the students and leaders he meets in this new phase of life will be impacted by that same force. This podcast episode was a great listen.