Shuhei Yoshida and a Decade of Dreams

Shuhei Yoshida: A Decade of Dreams? – PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 4 — PS I Love You XOXO — Overcast

I think Greg and Blessing flirt right on the edge of my idea that Dreams could become an engine that PlayStation distributes, like I wrote about this week. The article they mentioned from Stephen Tailby at PushSquare quotes Shuhei Yoshida from the recent Impy Awards celebrating Dreams creations. You can see Shuhei’s statement on Twitch. I think the quote below lends itself the most to my theory and makes it feel like a slam dunk. 

I cannot wait to see how this platform develops, and how this tool will enable the future creators of video games that everybody will enjoy.

Maybe I am just hearing what I want to hear, but there is definitely more to Dreams and its Bubblebath engine than meets the eye.