Analogue did a small Twitter thread on some product updates, including that the Black variant of the Super NT is back in stock. I wanted to point this out, since I stated that Analogue does not seem to restock their products in [[My Journey to Playing with Super Power – Thoughts on the Super NT|my thoughts on the Super NT]]. Interestingly enough, the “Classic” variant is now sold out, which is the edition I purchased. The “SF” variant remains sold out as well. [The return of the Black variant]( gives me hope that the others will return some day too. Analogue also opened up another wave of pre-orders for their DAC accessory. This digital-to-analog converter [screams slick 90s design]( with its see-through plastic shell. [The DAC sold out on December 3, 2019]( It seems Analogue has created a second run that will ship in April 2020 with no word on how many there are this time around. This second wave also sparks hope for future restocks of their products. The company also announced that the long-awaited Mega SG cartridge adapters would be available for order at the end of this week. I’m curious to see what the shipping cost on those will be. My bet is it will be $20 UPS in the United States just like the rest of Analogue’s line. No word on the Pocket. Based off the Twitter replies and my own excitement, Pocket hype is reaching the ceiling.