[Ghost of Tsushima Story Trailer (Japanese)](https://youtu.be/1ENHA4Ue9Nw) A couple weeks ago, Sucker Punch and Sony blew the doors wide open on Ghost of Tsushima. I am shocked that the game is scheduled to come out on June 26. When Sony said the game was set for “Summer 2020,” I would have guessed late summer. It is wild that the two swan songs for the PS4 are less than a month apart. The story trailer is rad. The link at the top is the story trailer with the Japanese voice over. While the game is being made by Bellevue’s own Sucker Punch, the game will have Japanese voice-over with English subtitles. The studio seems to be going all in on authenticity. Although, I did find it funny that the lips don’t quite sync up because the trailer is meant for English. Like an inverse on Japanese films or anime being dubbed with English. Subbed vs dubbed has taken on a new form. I think playing with the Japanese track would be dope. For those that want to watch in English, [here you go](https://youtu.be/rTNfgIAi3pY).