>I’ve been pretty quiet on Max Frequency lately. There’s been lots I’ve wanted to post about: The Last Of Us on HBO, Horizon on PC, E3 2020 cancelation, and more. I’ve been focusing on a much larger editorial; my biggest ever. When I come home after work or wake up before…I’ve been focusing on that piece. If I had more time to better balance work, my family, and this blog, I’d definitely would have shared fuller thoughts on these stories. I’ve made a choice to focus on this larger piece though. It’ll be worth it, I think. Can’t wait to share it. That’s the cool thing about Max Frequency too. My writing at my pace. It is liberating. — [Myself on Twitter on March 11, 2020](https://twitter.com/MaxRoberts143/status/1237829338835361793) I think I summed my lack of posting pretty well on Twitter the other day. Fortunately, the editorial I mentioned is going through the editing process, which gives me some additional time to write about other stuff. You’ll see posts throughout the day with my thoughts on some of the recent news that I wanted to get written down. As for what this editorial is, I think I’ll be announcing it soon.