[Dreams Beta Evaluation](https://docs.indreams.me/en/news/dreams-beta-evaluation) It is nice for Media Molecule to come out and try and plainly spell out some details for creations in Dreams. Right off the bat, creators own the IP they create in Dreams. What does that mean when Sony uses people’s creations in, say, an ad for Dreams? How would people protect their creations and IP? Media Molecule is upfront about their lack of letting millions of users export and sell creations for business reasons. There is a beta application for creators to fill out that would open up an opportunity to seemingly export their creations off of Dreams to use them externally. It seems that the turn around for exporting Dreams may be sooner than I expected. [[Is PlayStation Entering the Video Game Engine Business?|It’s no secret that I think Dreams is a part of PlayStation licensing out some of their game engines]]. I think the idea of a PS4 and Dreams as a dev kit is exciting. $200-300 for a PS4 and $40 for Dreams is far cheaper than a PC and licensing game software.