[God of War No Longer Contains “Only on PlayStation” Label on Official Web Page](https://www.dualshockers.com/god-of-war-pc-ps4-only-on-playstation/) by Logan Moore at DualShockers It wouldn’t surprise me if this came to pass. With [[Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC|Horizon Zero Dawn making the leap this summer]], the possibility of more PlayStation exclusives making the leap makes sense. I am curious how Sony decides which exclusives make the leap and which don’t. I like [Greg Miller’s theory on PS I Love You XOXO](https://overcast.fm/+HTm4Jm75U): Put the older games out on PC before announcing their sequels on PS5. But wouldn’t those PC fans just wait for the presumably inevitable PC port? Or maybe the pull of the sequel is too strong? We have to wait and see if God of War comes to PC first.