Joining the Butterfly Keyboard Club

My dad called me and said “Hey, I got a question for you. My MacBook keyboard…”

I interrupted him with a knowing “Yep!”

I already knew what was happening. My MacBook Pro joined the “small percentage” of defective butterfly keyboards a few weeks prior when my right-hand Shift key stopped working. The left-hand Command key seems to be joining the club too.

It is good to see Apple rolling out the Magic Keyboard on the 16” MacBook Pro and the newly revised MacBook Air. Hopefully, it will be across the entire product line by the end of the year.

Once the stores open, I will try to make an appointment to have it repaired. Apple will do this for free, even for out of warranty machines like mine. Hopefully while I’m there, I can address other issues my MacBook has been having.

Or maybe it is time to make the switch to that iPad Pro lifestyle