Spoilers for The Last of Us follow… It’s a question I regularly ask my wife Abby. Not because I forgot, but because she usually does. Whether it is a movie, TV show, or a game, she often forgets where we stopped in a plot if the gap is more than a couple days. We’ve been playing through *The Last of Us* lately. It’s her first time watching me play through it in roughly seven years. I replayed it last year. It blows my mind how many big moments she has forgotten. She forgot about “Billy” and his partner. Henry who? She was shocked at Joel’s near death experience before winter. She has a gift to experience things for the first time twice. So while booting up the game, I ask her where we left off the previous play session. I have been trying to get to distinct points in the narrative before calling it quits. We also have been playing every day or two. It’s been pretty fresh. After Joel’s aforementioned near-death experience, winter opens up with Ellie killing a bunny. We called it quits there, since Joel’s impalement is a good cliffhanger to stop on. The next time we booted the game, I asked the same question I always do: “Where did we leave off?” Her response was exactly what I was hoping for. “Let me think…aw…” She remembered! My strategy of ending at key moments was working. Joel being impaled and his life being in doubt cause her to feel what Naughty Dog desired. I was not anticipating her next words. “The bunny!” Forget Joel. The true tragedy in *The Last of Us* is the bunny. RIP [bunny](https://twitter.com/Grosstastic/status/1249368427136831488). Maybe we’ll see your family in *Part II*.