[Sony Battling The Last of Us 2 Spoiler Videos As Major Plot Points Leak Online](http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/04/sony_battling_the_last_of_us_2_spoiler_videos_as_major_plot_points_leak_online) by Sammy Barker for Push Square (via [DualShockers](https://www.dualshockers.com/the-last-of-us-part-2-major-leak-april-2020/)) > Among the footage is a huge chunk of unseen gameplay, various cut-scenes, the release’s main menu, and what appears to be unfinished multiplayer code. It was only a matter of time. When I hear about leaks like this so close to a game’s release, I usually assume some retailer has their hands on the disc and is just trying to ruin fans’ day or some press wants to burn Sony-shaped bridges. The difference with this leak is the fact that the game has been [[Sony has Delayed The Last of Us Part II Indefinitely|delayed indefinitely]] due to COVID-19. There is no retailer copy to leak. There have been no press previews, at least in the traditional sense. With all of the developers working on the game from home, leaks must be much harder to prevent. What also makes this particular leak stand out is the supposed unfinished multiplayer code. No one outside of Naughty Dog and Sony would have that code besides possible studios hired for outsourcing. Whatever the multiplayer evolved into is going to be Naughty Dog’s next game, so to hear it leaking now is telling. The mode was clearly being developed alongside the single-player until the entire game grew entirely out of scope and the team decided to solely ship the single-player. That doesn’t mean that the multiplayer was scraped. Most likely, a small team continued working on it until possibly called off for an all hands on deck push to finish The Last of Us Part II. Now that the campaign is likely done, that multiplayer team could have gone back to their project. I’ll never understand leaks like this. It’s not reporting some important story or shedding light on something gone wrong. It solely goes out and spreads to ruin years of hard work and fans’ patience. I know it’s enticing like the forbidden fruit, gaining knowledge about something you shouldn’t have, but the consequences of sharing it are not worth the high of having said knowledge. If you want to avoid the spoilers, I’d start placing mute filters and avoid comment sections. No telling how long we have to wait until the game is released, so it is best to remain diligent. As Ellie would say, endure and survive. Update: [[Naughty Dog Comments on The Last of Us Part II Leaks|Sony has commented that the source of the leak was not internal at Naughty Dog or Sony]]. Here is [[How The Last of Us Part II Leaked|how the leak actually happened]].