![[ds_consolizer_1.jpg.webp]] [Woozle is making a DS Consolizer](https://twitter.com/Woozle64/status/1254833194203066368). The man is a wizard. Woozle is responsible for the [GBA Consolizer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NcMl9JvMHE), which is a fantastic way to play Game Boy games on an HD TV. I took the liberty of brightening up the image to see if I could discern any difference in the DS hardware, but nothing stands out except that Woozle may be using an Electric Blue DS. ![[ds_consolizer_2.jpg.webp]] Woozle says that this first iteration will be compatible with the original DS only, but future versions could work with the DS Lite and other console revisions. There will also be multiple options for displaying both DS screens on one TV. This is super promising for the DS, since there are very few ways to get the console onto a television.