The Last of Us Part 2 has brought out the worst of us – VG247

“It’s about hate” – The Last of Us Part 2 has brought out the worst of us by Kirk McKeand for VG247

Yet the conspiracy theories soldier on because of whollopers on the internet. I believe there’s a singular reason for this: it’s because this vocal minority of angry internet babies are pissed off that the story isn’t catered to them…

The anonymity of Internet and social media have created an echo-chamber of vitriol and hate. It is essential to remember the vocal minority is just that, a small group of people who shout and cry when they don’t get their way.

That’s because the anger was never really about that. The anger is there because Naughty Dog dared to make a video game story that seemingly strays from the norm. It’s no wonder most developers play it safe. After all, it never was about working conditions. It’s about hate.

I feel like the entitlement fans feel, across all of entertainment, is possessive and harsh. It is such a shame how mean people can be behind a nameless egg icon. Especially since that these people will likely end up buying the game anyway.