[PlayStation Studios brand will launch alongside PS5](https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-05-12-sony-unveils-playstation-studios-brand-to-launch-alongside-ps5) by Christopher Dring for GamesIndustry.biz > “We’ve never had any problem getting people to play these games. They’re usually critically acclaimed, award-winning franchises that are games of the year, but for the average consumer it’s not always clear what games come directly from our Worldwide Studios.” – Eric Lempel, senior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment This is a smart move for Sony. Just take the naming scheme from Xbox and elevate the new brand to the status symbol of [[nintendosealofquality.jpg|Nintendo’s Seal of Quality]]. Sony really has multiple smash exclusives for the PS4 generation, mostly leaning into open world, single-player games. While these games weren’t made by the same developers, they did have the backing of the same publisher and are ([[Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC|for now]]) exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem. If the quality can remain high like it has for the PS4, the name “PlayStation Studios” will have an easier time being associated with quality. The [opening animation](https://youtu.be/UvXVA_ZLAWo) clearly gives off a Marvel Studios vibes. I find the tone at the end reminiscent of the PS2 boot sounds. People will try to read into the characters that Sony decided to show off in the animation, but I say they just chose their strongest IP for the reveal. This can easily change over time to accommodate newer releases. I imagine Spider-Man was not included due to Marvel and Disney. This also makes me wonder what PS5 game boxes will look like in general. You have to imagine that at least one game will launch as a PlayStation Studios title. Since the brand launches alongside the PS5, I hope it will be a good one to be a sort of cornerstone. Sony is trickling out the PS5 news though. Now that both *The Last of Us Part II* and *Ghost of Tsushima* have imminent releases, I assume that the PS5 conversation will begin in earnest shortly. [[Thursday’s State of Play is All About Ghost of Tsushima – PlayStation.Blog|The State of Play dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima]] is encouraging and exciting. Sony may be doing this to not draw attention away from what is ostensively the PS4’s finale. Microsoft really doesn’t have an upcoming Xbox One finale due to the cross-generational compatibility with Series X, especially with their own brand titan, *Halo Infinite*. That has allowed Microsoft to feed the next generation hype and control the early conversation. Sony’s lack of presence regarding the PS5 is frustrating. While this new branding is exciting, it also reminds fans of how little they really now about the PS5. Hopefully, Sony will become more forthcoming soon.