Paper Mario: The Origami King, Live Reaction and Discussion – Arlo

Paper Mario: The Origami King | Live Reaction and Discussion – Arlo

I meant to share this back when Paper Mario: The Origami King was announced. I got caught up in the day and just never got around to it. Arlo is the de facto voice of Paper Mario on YouTube for me. His YouTube career took off with the fantastic “The Problem with Paper Mario” video. He also kickstarted the Remaster The Thousand-Year Door campaign last year as well as took an in-depth look at Color Splash three years later. The muppet knows his Paper Mario.

His open-letter in the Problem of Paper Mario video, Arlo talks about the lack-luster reveal of Color Splash and how he wishes there was maybe a small teaser that lead into a full-blown stylish trailer. We got that with The Origami King. Arlo talked about the lack of uniqueness and any real sort of plot. It appears that The Origami King has both of those. Maybe Nintendo is finally listening to fans. Or maybe it is foolish to hope for that after the last two games?