The Last of Us Part II State of Play

The Last of Us Part II – State of Play | PS4 – YouTube

Apparently this is a weekly series for the time being. I’ not sure if this will go on for four more weeks until launch day or just another week or so. Next Wednesday (5/27/20) is when the next “Inside” video will be published. If I was a betting man, I’d put money on it covering the music.

Inside the Gameplay

I lost a bet with myself. This State of Play was a mixture of old and new footage that all ended with a near 10-minute chunk of brand new gameplay. Neil narrates the beginning of the video. He reiterates talking points from the past while pulling back just the bottom corner of the curtain for new tidbits.The scope of Seattle sounds particularly interesting from a design perspective for a Naughty Dog game.

There are so many takeaways from this presentation that beg questioning. I wonder what the scope of the sequences set in the past will be. Just how “wide” is the wide-linearity? How will Naughty Dog tackle “side narratives?” The Lost Legacy was a proving ground for side quests, but that was not really narrative-driven outside of the conversations that occurred over the course of the journey.

My biggest takeaway is the gameplay itself. There really is a level of refinement here with the mechanics. I get major MGS3 vibes from the analog stealth and consumable weapon elements. That fusion of stealth and survival is often thrilling and tense when executed well. Hopefully it feels as natural and elegant as it looks.

This State of Play is also the last chunk I will be writing about in Chasing the Stick. I cannot wait to wrap it up (for now) and share it with everyone next Friday, June 5. You can check out the announcement post here. If you want to listen to the audio version, the links below will let you add it to your podcast player of choice.

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