[The Last of Us Part II – Inside the Details | PS4 – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxBAuXUHMU) > “So one of the things that makes Naughty Dog special is our insane attention to detail. and that comes from just extreme amount of research.” I know it is literally in the name of the video, but the attention to detail that Naughty Dog seems to have gone after here is bonkers. > “How red their eyes get is controllable. Tears flow off their eyes and their face is all new tech we’ve developed for this game.” Ones and zeroes that translate to trying to convey genuine human emotion. I genuinely wonder if they’ll pull it off. > “We’ve gone as far as we possibly can go to make our human enemies feel as human as possible.” Variable breathing based off a heartbeat; Unique names and callouts; Reacting accurately to hit location. Good gravy. > “They feel real and it makes the situation that you’re in feel real in a way you haven’t seen before and you might not be ready for.” This game is going to be gruesome. > “There was a ton of research done into foliage and different kind of foliage that exists in different parts of the country to make those areas feel authentic. Studying local architecture of wherever we are and making sure that feels authentic” People were [noticing this detail](https://i.imgur.com/yRoua9z.jpg) back in [2017](https://www.reddit.com/r/thelastofus/comments/6pre2f/more_proof_that_part_ii_could_take_place_in/)! With a game world that is reclaimed by nature, it is interesting to see the dedication to honoring the real world locations. Translating them to their post-apocalyptic vision must be a fascinating task. > “We took three trips up to Seattle. We actually got photos scanned out of natural elements in the forest and went through and walked the path of Ellie through Seattle to actually get as much reference as we could.” Can’t wait for Seattle to get the “Ellie Trail” just like Boston has the [Freedom Trail](https://www.thefreedomtrail.org/trail-sites/paul-revere-house). In all seriousness though, walking the actual path of the game’s physical route sounds like an incredibly smart, detail oriented idea. Then they have to imagine that route through the eyes of their interpretation of a war-torn, overgrown Seattle. This video in particular did not make it into [[Chasing the Stick Announcement Trailer|my history of Naughty Dog during the PS4 era]]. I do explore how this dedication to detail has evolved over the past console generation. It is a fascinating story. [[Chasing the Stick Announcement Trailer|I am publishing it on June 5]], one week before reviews for *The Last of Us Part II* go live. I hope you’ll check it out next week.