[Uncharted 4 is the Best Game I’ve Ever Watched by Girlfriend Reviews](https://youtube.com/watch?v=CNP8stQmYAQ&t=271) The link above kicks off near the end of the video because I just cracked up at the ending. Spot on reference. After watching the [[The Last of Us Part II State of Play|State of Play last week]] and finalizing [[Chasing the Stick Announcement Trailer|Chasing the Stick]], it dawned on me that I’ll actually get to play The Last of Us Part II in just a couple weeks. All my focus has been channeled toward writing the history that I mostly forgot about actually playing the game. Now this funny Girlfriend Review is adding onto that realization and excitement. I sure do write a lot about *Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End* in [[Chasing the Stick Announcement Trailer|Chasing the Stick]],. Make sure to come back on June 5 to read or listen to the definitive history of Naughty Dog during the PS4 era.