[The Last of Us Part II – Inside the World | PS4 – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saE6O93x3MA) > “Our hope is to make every corner a challenge, make every decision hard for Ellie, and so we do that not just in the gameplay you experience, but also in the level design. So part of that is making certain experiences really hostile be it through weather or through rivers or craggy cliffs or slick snow. > > But we also use it in terms of how blind is the player, like, what can they see? How safe do you feel? Can you see a threat coming around the corner? You never know if the bullets in your gun are gonna be enough. You never know if you can stop and bandage your arm. > > You can never fully breathe. We want you to be in alignment with Ellie, who can never fully breathe when she experiences this trauma.” – Halley Gross