PlayStation 5 Event Predictions

It is finally time for Sony to pull back the curtain on the PlayStation 5. After months of a drip feed, Sony is set to reveal PS5 games and footage this afternoon at 4:00 PM EST. Before any major event, I always love passing the time with predictions. It’s practically an essential element to any sort of reveal. Here are my predictions for today’s stream!

No Console, Price, or Date

Sony said the focus would be on games and I believe them. This is the most important element to a console. I think it is wise for Sony to try and make up some ground by focusing on games first. Microsoft’s primary focus has been hardware and features. They’ve done extremely well with that message. Focusing on games was a message that served Sony well with the PS4. It makes total sense to lean into that again.

We will see The Last of Us Part II and/or Ghost of Tsushima running on PS5

I think Sony will show PS4 games running on PS5 and that these are the candidates. Sony had terribly confusing messaging when discussing backward compatibility. Compared to Microsoft, it’s night and day. Sony needs to present a clear message on their backward compatibility plans.  These are the grand finale games for the PS4. There is plenty of excitement surrounding them and I think showing how games players will buy within the next month will be playable on their potential new console will be extremely positive.

New Batman Game is Properly Revealed

WB Montréal needs to just reveal the darn thing. Months of inconsistent teasing needs to end.

Playdead will Tease their New Game

I think this would be slick. We know that Playdead has been working on their next game for over three years. They also announced in March 2020 that they signed a publishing deal with Epic Games. Sony presumably paid Epic a ton of money for the Unreal Engine 5 reveal. There’s a working relationship there. Playdead’s previous games have been synonymous with Xbox at their respective launches. If Sony could associate Playdead’s third game with PS5, it would come off as a snag from Microsoft and as a win for indie game representation.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel is Revealed

I have thought for a long time, like many, that the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will be a launch window PS5 game. I think it will be officially revealed today and be the prime example of PlayStation Studio games for the new console.

If Insomniac or Sony Santa Monic Studio show off new games, they will not be Marvel’s Spider-Man or God of War related

These are the games everyone wants to see. While, I would like Sony to continue the trend of revealing their projects early, I don’t see them revealing the current big three all at once. I think if Insomniac shows up with a new game we will see a Ratchet and Clank game. The PS4 remake was a blast and a new title (remake or entirely new) would fit in great as a launch title for both kids and adults.

As for Sony Santa Monica Studio, I just think it’s too early. They have been advertising jobs at a pace that feels fairly consistent since God of War’s release in 2018. God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man could be teased on the eve of the PS5 console launch, like Uncharted was for the PS4. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Can’t wait to see how right or wrong I am later this afternoon.