PlayStation 5 Console Revealed

The day has finally come. Sony has revealed the PlayStation 5 console. It’s a slick, dual-toned console with a curvy elegance. Sony went bold, futuristic, and sleek.

There are two USB ports on the front; one USB Type-A and one Type-C. What I assume are the power and eject buttons are more prominent than their PS4 counterparts. Since the PS5 has already been confirmed to compatible with PS VR, there is hopefully another USB Type-A port on the back to keep that cable hidden. Can’t wait to get a look at the ports on the back of this thing.

I also can’t wait to learn about how this thing cools itself off. Mark Cerny directly talked about power consumption and heat in the Road to PS5 talk. The Xbox Series X looks like a beefy box when visually compared, but I am confident in its ability to keep cool. The PS5 seems to have dual vents, but I wonder what the system is. Cerny did tease that they came up with a unique solution.

Sony also revealed two versions of the PS5: One all digital and one with a 4K UHD disc drive. This ought to help keep the PS5 competitive with whatever price the Xbox Series X launches at.

Sony has made a great showcase today. Closing with the console design was a grand way to bring down the house. They’ve made up significant ground today in the next generation discussion.