![[sanfranbridge_4k.jpg.webp]] Yesterday’s big blowout reveal for the PS5 was a blast. After months of waiting for more than a Wired article, Sony burst open the dam of information surrounding their next-gen console. The primary focus of the show was games. PlayStation CEO Jin Ryan opened the show with the exact type of language I wanted to hear. > “We are going to let our games do the talking.” [[PlayStation 5 Console Revealed|I wrote about the console design itself yesterday]]. It’s curvy, futuristic console that I love the look of. This post I wanted to focus on the games I enjoyed the most in the showcase. This post will not cover everything announced. If you want to see everything, [Kotaku](https://kotaku.com/everything-sony-announced-in-todays-ps5-event-1844000486) can help you out. A game console is only as good as the games you can play on it. These are the games that have me pumped for the PS5. # *Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales* [Trailer](https://youtu.be/gHzuHo80U2M) What a way to kick off the proper PS5 portion of the show! Since the reveal, the game has been clouded in confusion on whether or not it is a sequel, spin-off, or enhanced port. This morning, [Insomniac confirmed](https://twitter.com/insomniacgames/status/1271468232881422336) that *Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales* is a standalone game. Jason Schreier says to think of it like *Uncharted: The Lost Legacy*, a smaller spin-off, but still a new adventure. Insomniac has had a long history with the PS5. From the earliest demos of the PS5 SSD, *Marvel’s Spider-Man* was the game shown off to display the speed. Clearly, Insomniac is one of the developers with the longest term of access to PS5 development. As for the trailer itself, it focuses exclusively on the Miles expansion. No real gameplay or anything substantial, really. It’s more *Spider-Man* and it’s coming to the the PS5. This unfortunate confusion, which could have been avoided, has muddied the reveal. I am glad it has been cleared up though so expectations can be set and folks can be excited for the launch later this year. # *Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart* [Trailer](https://youtu.be/ai3o0XtrnM8) and [Gameplay](https://youtube.com/watch?v=RuLci-lSeCo&t=791) Insomniac really just batting a thousand out of the gate. A brand-new *Ratchet & Clank* game will be such a treat. The 2016 remaster was an absolute blast to play. The gameplay shows off some unique properties of the PS5 performance, even at 1080p 30fps. The immediate world swapping/traveling, ray tracing with the lighting, and how Insomniac’s engine, which powers both *Ratchet & Clank* and *Marvel’s Spider-Man*, has a wide range of presentation. # *Horizon II: Forbidden West* [Trailer](https://youtu.be/Lq594XmpPBg) The only prediction I got right from the event was this one. Everyone was expecting this announcement. And holy cow is does this game look gorgeous, especially when I watched the trailer in 4K on my television. Seems the plot revolves around some form of corruption polluting the land and Aloy is out to stop it. No date window on this one, but I imagine it will be PS5’s first major open-world exclusive. This is the top dog of PS5’s known lineup. # *Resident Evil VIII: Village* [Trailer](https://youtu.be/dRpXEc-EJow) All for more spooky games. After a few years of remakes, it’s great to see a brand-new Resident Evil game. I really hope they keep VR support. Not only for PS VR, which is compatible with PS5 (plus the likelihood of seeing PS VR2), but also the fact the VR itself seems more and more widespread, especially on PC. While I never finished *Resident Evil VII*, it was a standout title for VR and I think still is. # Honorable Mentions I don’t have a ton to say about these three games, but I really enjoyed seeing them and the direction behind each title. *Hitman III* ([trailer](https://youtu.be/NsJyTTsp-PE) and [gameplay](https://youtube.com/watch?v=RuLci-lSeCo&t=2608)) is not far off at all with a January 2021 release window. It also is the conclusion of this dope trilogy of *Hitman* games. IO Interactive is going to cook up some insane scenarios. I’m glad to see Sony and Sumo Digital take on the Sackboy branding instead of *Little Big Planet*. *Sackboy: A Big Adventure* ([trailer](https://youtu.be/mUwI6e-em3o)) appears to be a 3D platformer, instead of 2D. I’m curious what that means for level creation, if it exists at all in this game. I also wonder what style 3D platformer it will be. Level based or more open-world hub style? I’m leaning toward individual levels that explore mechanics and ideas. I’m happy that *Demon’s Souls* ([trailer](https://youtu.be/2TMs2E6cms4)) will no longer be locked to PS3 and that fans of the genre will finally have wider access to the game that kick started it all. # PS4 Backward Compatibility The last point I wanted to touch on was actually what kicked off the entire show. There was a montage of big name PS4 games. While not as declarative as Microsoft’s messaging surrounding backward compatibility, this is certainly clearer than Sony’s original statements. This tells the consumer that you can play your PS4 games on PS5, don’t worry. It was a good way to open the show up. --- The showing yesterday felt like E3. The excitement, energy, and discussion throughout the day was thrilling. It’s a feeling I’ve missed this year. I can’t wait to see what games Microsoft has cooked up in July.