The PS5 Reveal Has Put All the Pressure Back on Microsoft – IGN

Opinion: The PS5 Reveal Has Put All the Pressure Back on Microsoft by Ryan McCaffrey for IGN

But none of those services ultimately matter without great games. And not “great” on the IGN scale (8 out of 10), but the 10-out-of-10 masterpiece-level games that Sony has delivered time and again this generation, and Microsoft hasn’t done since the Xbox 360 days. It’s not just a first-party situation either. Sony seems to have no issue with luring third-party developers to its platform with timed exclusivity deals. Microsoft, in turn, is more bearish on the practice. To that end, I would argue that there’s more riding on that July showcase than there’s ever been for another event in the entire history of the Xbox.

A video game console is only as good as the games you can play on it. Microsoft has been crushing it with the Xbox Series X reveals by announcing consumer friendly features, legacy support, and bonkers specs. Now, Microsoft needs the games.

Sony showed off a strong line-up of PS5 games last week and Sony has the history to instill confidence that these titles will be top tier. Microsoft needs to know this July showcase out of the park.