[It’s Hard To Say Goodbye](https://www.gameinformer.com/its-hard-to-say-goodbye) by Andy McNamara for Game Informer > I was 19 when the first issue of Game Informer released back in 1991. For me, it was a dream come true. There I was. In print. Official. I had done something I (and my parents) thought was impossible: I turned my love of video games into a job. > > By some miracle, I’ve had that job my whole adult life. I worked hard, moved up, and had the pleasure of being part of Game Informer every step of the way. However, this is where that journey ends; after 327 issues, this will be my last one. I’m stepping away from games journalism. What an incredible run. Truly the end of an era. Video game media and coverage is an entirely different beast, even from when I dreamed of making it nearly a decade ago. Best of luck with your new venture Andy.