[Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Art of Tearbending](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwIHyPlyIRg&t=1s) by Razbuten Razbuten has made a stellar video that explores just one element that helps *Avatar: The Last Airbender* stand tall creatively. His exploration of creating emotional payoff through forcing characters to behave and react outside their usual behavior is spot on. Heck, even his essay performed some tearbending on me as I remembered why I love this show, its characters and world so much. I had been putting off watching this one for a bit. I am super glad I finally got to watching. I grew up watching *Avatar: The Last Airbender* and have my fair share of memories wrapped up in this classic show. I’ve had an itch for a few months to rewatch it, especially since it has been widely discussed after its return to Netflix. Razbuten’s video didn’t scratch that itch; it actually was like rolling in an ant hill and made it all the worse. It’s finally time to watch my Blu-Ray set.