![[original-tease.jpg.webp]] Rocksteady via [Twitter](https://t.co/HrXZNKwo0f) Rumor says that this is a co-op, online, games-as-a-service type game. That has me incredibly worried. Rocksteady knows how to make a super hero game. In a world were *Avengers* looks [generic](https://www.dualshockers.com/marvels-avengers-beta-preview-ps4/) and limited, but *Spider-Man* soars, I am not feeling confident about this type of game for Rocksteady. I know that the money is with keeping games on-going as a service, but I feel like it stifles creative scope and development. We shall see what they actually end up shipping, but I’m not feeling so hot at first glance. I will say, I do like the logo. Very clever and clean.