[Xbox Game Pass – Leaving Soon Official Music Video with lyrics – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GJgX21scF0) > That game you love might leave, so play before it goes / And check the app for “leaving soon,” its important that you know / Ahead of time, to prepare your last goodbyes… / Load up your favorite game and play it for the final time…/ good bye game…i love you. I think the ad itself is rather silly. I bet it actually was made in Windows Movie Maker. The ad also raised one of the key issues I have with streaming game services as a whole. I realize this is no different than streaming movies, TV shows, or music, but I do not care for the idea that a game I may be actively playing just exits the catalog one day. Xbox does allow you to purchase a game with a discount if it is in Game Pass. Maybe I am just stuck in an era where physical ownership has importance with consumers. It’s why I’ll pick a PS5 with a disc drive. But even with digital-only games, I do prefer paying for them and just having access to them at all times. Digital games can go away at any time (look at *PT*) or completely change over the course of their release; *Destiny* is not the same game it was at launch. Heck, look at *Fortnite* or *Minecraft*. Kids today will not be able to play those games later on in life the same way they are now. Either the game will be dead or won’t even look like what it does today. I suppose I am just an old man who likes owning old things.