![[mixolumia-screenshot-03.png.webp]] [*Mixolumia* by davemakes](https://davemakes.itch.io/*Mixolumia*) I saw this game pop up in my Twitter feed this weekend thanks to [Justin Ma](https://twitter.com/JarMustard/status/1292067026362499073) of Subset Games. His comparison to *[[Tetris Effect Review — The Puzzle Icon Reimagined|Tetris Effect]]* is what immediately drew me in. After scrolling through the *Mixolumia* thread and watching some gameplay, it didn’t take long for me to snatch up a copy. It is the perfect game to play after countless hours in a huge open world game like *Ghost of Tsushima*. *Mixolumia* is clean, simple, and addictive. *Mixolumia* is a drop puzzler that is a fusion of the aforementioned puzzler titan *Tetris* and *Puzzle League*. I even get some *Puyo Puyo* vibes. It’s all about stacking the board and clearing same-colored blocks by lining them up with three (or more) in-a-row. It works extremely well with a controller, but would be even better if it allowed users to map the controls however they saw fit. The soundtrack is also generated as you play, with options to swap soundtracks or even have composers make soundtracks for the game. It’s got tons of color palettes and accessibility options to boot. What struck me as the most interesting bit wasn’t the game itself, but the fact that there is an entire [Twitter thread](https://mobile.twitter.com/i/events/1224218410298441728) following its development, which started back on January 28, 2019. I always find insight into game development to be both fun and educational to explore. Even if you don’t pick up the game, reading through its development is worth your time. *Mixolumia* is only on PC and Mac at the moment through [itch.io](https://davemakes.itch.io/mixolumia). I haven’t tried rotating my screen, but I feel like the game was made for a “tate” mode. I think it’d be right at home on mobile and especially on Switch, which would be able to support all those features. Hopefully, davemakes considers those and other platforms for the future. *Mixolumia* is a visual puzzler treat that deserves to be as widely available as possible.