I’ve been a lifelong GameCube fan. Ever since the kid down the street said his Dad built them (in suburban Indiana), I’ve been hooked on the Cube. Back in 2018, I was fortunate enough to unlock the full visual fidelity of my original Black GameCube with the GCHD MK-II (the unit was provided by EON to DualShockers for [[Eon's GCHD MK-II Review — Unlocking the GameCube's Full Potential|review]]). When I was tasked with that review, I took it as an opportunity to finally buy an Action Replay and a SD card adapter [so I could use the Game Boy Interface I had learned about from My Life in Gaming](https://youtu.be/BjtD1mOZlPc). I loved the power that homebrew unlocked for my Game Boy Player, but using the SD card through the Action Replay was incredibly slow. The Action Replay only supports a max of 2GB cards and an older standard. It regularly crashed and wouldn’t load settings. The SD2SP2 completely changes this dynamic. It’s a small chip board that I bought preassembled from [CastleMania Games](https://castlemaniagames.com/products/gamecube-sd2sp2-assembled) for $11. It supports micro SD cards up to 1TB and modern speed standards. The SD2SP2 accomplishes this by tapping into the GameCube’s unused Serial Port 2. I still have to use the older SD adapter and Action Replay to launch the homebrew software called Swiss, but once that boots, Swiss immediately recognizes the SD card in the SD2SP2. It loads GBI practically in the blink of an eye. This thing is a huge improvement and greatly reduces the fiddly hurdle I had before.